Boston: The Backstory

I moved to Boston in September 2013 to pursue a degree in music composition at the Boston Conservatory. As a naive freshman, I had no idea what the next 9 months would have in store for me, but I was excited to begin this new adventure. Since I come from a small town in Colorado, city life was a foreign and exciting concept for me. I couldn’t wait to take smelly and crowded subways (or the T as it is referred to in Boston), hail a cab in the middle of the street (which is a lot harder than it looks), meet unique people and try new food, and most of all, create a home for myself in the midst of the city bustle. Essentially, I came to Boston expecting New York, which I soon learned are two very different cities.

I didn’t think that I would be making a full on life for  myself in Boston. But in May 2014, after school had ended, I had to make a decision. I could stay in Boston for the summer, or I could go home, and try to sublet my apartment. I chose to stay.

Back in Colorado, I had worked both as a barista and shift supervisor at a licensed Starbucks store. After deciding that hostessing was not the right job for me, I decided in Boston to work at a corporate Starbucks store. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made.

My parents told me that they did not have enough money to send me to school for all four years, and that they could maybe send me for one more. I didn’t feel that the Boston Conservatory was the correct school for me, and I became more interested in having a career in interior design rather than music. So, I dropped out. This is when I learned of Starbucks’ college achievement program, where I could earn a bachelors degree at ASU online, with a scholarship provided by Starbucks. This is an amazing opportunity! And soon enough, I was enrolled in summer classes.

The next summer was filled with a lot of complicated stuff- but here’s the rundown. my roommate (now boyfriend) and I needed to move from our old apartment. I ended up a few miles out of Boston, in Brighton, and he ended up in Miami. I think it was at this point that I decided I needed a change. (Miami was not in the picture for me…) I felt myself being attracted the West Coast. I thought about moving to Portland or Seattle, but it wasn’t until my he mentioned he would be moving to L.A. to pursue his career in music, that I considered moving to SoCal. L.A. never really seemed like an ideal place for me, especially since I don’t drive, but the more I thought about it, the more I seemed to like the idea. I decided that L.A. would be a great place for someone who is interested in design and music, and soon enough it will be my future home.


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