Fenway is known to have a lot of history and landmarks, just think of Fenway Park and the Citgo sign. There are so many interesting architectural elements, and while taking a stroll through the area, I decided to take pictures of all the interesting things I saw. I took pictures of lamp posts, murals, sidewalks, doors, etc…  I also decided to give myself the extra challenge by taking them all in black and white.

And for this week’s photo challenge, “Details” I chose this picture of an old entrance.  I was so intrigued by the shapes in the design, and also how they contrasted against the pitch blackness of the background. They eye is attracted to the large swirl that is highlighted by the sun, but when you look around the photo, you realize it’s surrounded by oddly shaped polygons and ovals. Another interesting thing is the movement of the photo, there are lines curving in and out in different directions, which leads the eye around the photo and to the focal point.