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Last night in Boston

It’s 11:11…my wish? To get done with all this packing and cleaning. We have about 6 hours before we have to get to the airport. 6 hours to be ready to leave our lives, take only important belongings, and move away from this city. It’s very stressful. We could definitely have done more to better prepare ourselves for this night, but honestly, I don’t think it would have made it any less daunting. It’s amazing when you realize how much stuff you have. We are only in our early 20s, and yet we have accrued hundreds of pounds of things. Some of them hold high importance, some of them we used often, and some of them still have tags on them. It’s tough when you feel like you’re wasting so much. Wasting food, plastic, clothing, essentially money. But it also helps you realize where you can cut back, and what you really need and don’t need. It sucks to see something of potential value or use laying in the middle of the sidewalk, but it helps put things in perspective. I’m actually very glad that we are doing this giant move. I get the feeling that if we decided to stay in the same place, we could have doubled what we own. And we would have bought more things before we considered thinning out.

Now, what am I stressed about. Where to begin. Defining what is important, and letting go of things in place of others. I’m nervous about having to take things that could have been dealt with earlier, like books we could have shipped and cancelling our internet earlier. (But then I couldn’t write this and binge watch Netflix as I cleaned.) I’m nervous about the amount of trash and things we left behind on the street and the trash area. But compared to the last time I moved, I feel like we are in a much better place. We took the time to understand how difficult this task would be, and we knew it would be stressful and pose dilemmas. And as I mentioned before, I believe it has helped us to understand what is important in our lives. (And not a lot of it is material.)

It’s easy to want things. I want things all the time. I ooh and ahh at luxurious furniture and decor, I talk about one day living in a large home. I’d like to be surrounded by nice things, but deep down I know that it’s unrealistic and, for lack of a better word, stupid. People say that less is more and materialism is not the route to happiness, and it’s totally correct! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying luxurious items and craving things like that, but after cleaning out everything I own, I know I can be happy (probably happier) with much less. I guess it’s important to have a few things that mean a lot to you, than to have a bunch of stuff that looks cool. I’m excited to begin again, and really take interest and care in the items I own.

Anyway I digress…

This night is making me think, it’s making me cry, and it’s making me excited. I’m stressed and sad and happy…not to mention tired (I’ll sleep when I’m dead…am I right?) We still have much to do…and I should probably pay my bills. So I’ll see you in 6 hours, bright and early (wasting more money on Uber XL) probably groggy and hopefully not spending the whole day in the airport.

To all my friends who I made in Boston reading this, know that I will miss you very, very much. If there was anything that was going to keep me in Boston, it is you all. I wish you all the best of luck in your futures, and I hope to see you soon. (Whether in Boston or L.A.) I wouldn’t be the person I am without you, so thank you. *Hearts*

To celebrate my last night here, this is sunset taken while enjoying one last walk around the block. 13908866_10207944044537617_5590827433055004185_o


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