Finally Here

I had no idea what kind of emotional rollercoaster getting to L.A. was going to be. It took more than a full day for me to get from one coast to another. I flew standby to L.A. from Boston, I thought it would be ok! But I didn’t think that everyone else would decide to fly there as well. Alex bought his ticket (smart move) and by 7am was off to L.A. At 7am, I was sitting in gate 26 waiting for seats to appear on an oversold flight to San Francisco. At 8 am I was sitting in gate 23 waiting for another oversold flight, fast forward to 9PM! I had tried to get on 7 different fights, and had been left without a seat. This flight to San Francisco was my last hope. At first they told me there were no seats- but if there’s anything I learned from flying standby, it’s to wait until the plane has left the gate. So I stayed until final boarding. I scanned the airport secretly hoping passengers wouldn’t show up while pacing to my left and right. Then the gate agent went to the plane, I looked at the list. I was first in queue. A minute or so later she came, she looked at the lobby, then at me, and called “Paging passenger Major.” My heart jumped! FINALLY. 14 hours of waiting, and I was finally on my way to my new home. (I even got a window seat.)

6 hours later I landed in San Francisco. It was too late to get to Los Angeles, but I was happy to be on the right coast. So I found myself a cushioned bench, and “slept” for 5 hours in the airport. Alex had to sleep in LAX, he waited all night for me to arrive, despite an uncomfortable setting.

I woke up as the once empty terminal began to fill up. Tired people wait in line for coffee, families lug their suitcases and passed out children to their gates, and the shops and restaurants prep to open. I joined the crowd, sipped on a vanilla latte, and walked to my gate. When I looked before this flight was wide open, but somehow in the course of 5 hours the flight managed to become overbooked. I waited anyway, with no luck. I was disappointed, but had a good feeling about the next flight. So I made my way down the terminal. I was sick of all the travel, sick of being stuck in airports, and all I needed was to get on one flight and I could be “home.” And then it happened. I got a seat! It wasn’t a great seat, but it was a seat none the less. And an hour or so later, I landed in L.A.

The next part of the move was the tricky part. We had to get to the leasing office as soon as we could, and also bring our luggage to the apartment. We decided to do multiple trips. Since we checked most of our bags, we left them at baggage services while we took an Uber to the apartment. Thankfully signing the lease and moving in was a quick process. After a quick break, we were on our way back to the airport to pick up our bags.

It was strange, starting all from new. I knew we were going to have to spend a good amount of money to get ourselves started, but I felt like I didn’t really know where to begin. I had an idea of furniture and styling for the apartment, but there are a lot of things I forgot were “necessary” to live. That first night we bought a blanket, towel, pillows, paper plates, plastic silverware and some soaps. We decided we could sleep on the floor- though it was quite uncomfortable. We also didn’t have internet for about 2 days (My bad) so the first couple nights were a struggle.

But we’re here. We made it! We can finally relax now that all that moving is done, and begin our lives here in L.A.


We’ve been in L.A. for one week now. The job is going well, and we’re beginning to make progress on making our empty apartment a home. Our second night here the super for the building was friendly enough to let us borrow some cushions to sleep on, but now we have a mattress and a frame on the way. We’ve started buying real utensils, appliances, and such. And the two things we shipped through Greyhound arrived today. (Tuesday.)

Shipping things through Greyhound, was pretty inexpensive, but if you decided to ship things that way, be sure to wrap everything very, very well. Our packaging got undone during the process, and while nothing is severely damaged, the chair and the keyboard suffered some scuffing and wear.

Alex has been taking advantage of the mountains and new scenery, and has already biked through a lot of it. I have been getting comfortable with the public transportation and my commute. This week we’re going to try and explore a little more, planning to hang out in Santa Monica beach tomorrow and to do some shopping.

So far the troubles and stress of moving here feel like they’re being paid off, and I can’t wait to recount all of our adventures on the way.



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