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Long Beach Adventures

We’ve been in L.A. for about 2 weeks now, but haven’t had a lot of time to explore our new city.

We went up to Hollywood a little, but didn’t really explore the famous parts, and I enjoy my commute to Santa Monica because I get a glimpse of West L.A. (Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, etc…) But I have yet to actually wander around those areas.

Yesterday we went to Long Beach because Alex had a job interview there. Turns out, I really like Long Beach.

It’s super quaint and quiet, almost scarily quiet. But, coming from a small town, I kind of enjoy that. The area we were in was called Bluff Park, and it was filled with beautiful homes, boutique shops, not to mention a huge stretch of almost empty beach! (Granted it was a Tuesday afternoon.)

I ended up waiting for Alex for almost 4 hours, (It was a very interactive interview) and decided to walk down to the ocean.

Since the ocean is beneath a cliff from the rest of the town (Like Santa Monica) I walked to the nearest staircase. The stairs were kind of weird, because there was a railing dividing it, but very unevenly. Since there was someone sitting in the larger division, I begin to walk down the slimmer one, until I began to slide uncontrollably. I couldn’t tell what was going on! Until I looked down and realized this part of the stairs was a giant ramp. (My guess to easily guide bicycles down to the beach.) So I hastily grabbed the railings and scrambled up backwards until I reached solid ground. Thankfully, as far I could see no one noticed my little fumble, and walked down the stair side of the stairs as if nothing happened.

This beach is different than other beaches I’ve been to, and in a way reminded me of South Beach in Miami (Just without the crazy amount of people and fake sand.) The view from the sand is rather industrial, with giant cranes and cargo ports in the distance, but you can also see the silhouette of Catalina Island.

Empty Beach

It was a hot day, but I wasn’t expecting to actually spend time at the beach. But because it seemed I had time to spare, I wandered off the concrete walk path. I took my shoes and socks off (because believe it or not, I still don’t have sandals) and took my first steps into the sand. Just seconds after doing that, my feet began to burn. The sand was so hot, I almost didn’t know what to do. I began to jog a little, I just had to get to some wet and cool sand. Finally after enduring the heat, I made it to the shore. And when the waves began to crash around my feet, I let a sigh of relief, although I think my feet might still be a little burnt. However, standing in the ocean and listening to the waves was the absolute best feeling. I wandered along the water, the lifeguards were friendly and there was almost no one there. I also saw some other people combating the scorching sand as I did. After a quick back and forth, I walked back to the rest area I had come from. Since my feet were wet, the sand stuck to them making the trek to the bathrooms much easier than before. I figured out a way to wash my feet and put my shoes and socks on without feeling to uncomfortable, and then made my way back to town.

Alex was still in his interview, and I was having issues coning up with things to do. So I sat at a bench by a bus stop for 30 minutes, until I decided to go to a local coffee shop. The coffee shop was casual, modern, and had a unique section of food. It made me think, If I ever had a coffee shop, this is exactly what I would want it to be like. I had always kind of thought about starting a coffee shop. I’ve been working in the industry since I was 17, with management experience. I feel like maybe it’s something I could do. I mean, I have a lot of other interests, like music and design, but maybe someday I’ll find a way to do all three. Anyway, I sat in the cafe for almost an hour, thinking about this idea, thinking about my future, and looking at real estate in Long Beach, because I managed to fall in love. After I finished my iced coffee, I went exploring the other way. I passed by some hair salons, (If I had known how long I would have been waiting, I would have gotten my hair done.) And then I discovered a farmers market! (Another reason to love this place.) I walked through the venders, tempted to buy a cute succulent or bundle of grapes, and then got a text from Alex! Hooray!

We met by the place he interviewed, and we’re excited to see the results. But we were hungry. So we decided to take the bus to Down Town Long Beach, which is also super quiet. There seems to be a lot of fancy restaurants, and I would like to come back to do some exploring down town. We settled for dinner at this cute, tasty, Mexican restaurant that had 1.25$ tacos (because taco Tuesday :D)

You can get from DTLA to Long beach via the blue line, and we decided to see how that train ride was. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was getting dark, and there were some weirdos, but I didn’t feel unsafe at all. It took about an hour to get home, which isn’t too bad either. (That’s basically my commute to Santa Monica.)

I was pretty exhausted, and I think I may have even gotten a tan (fingers crossed.) I can’t wait to have more adventures in L.A.

What are you favorite places in L.A.?


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