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It’s been a while since I’ve documented my adventures. My adjustment to living in L.A. has proven to be hectic, and I’m still trying to figure out how to make this city “mine.”

Since I’ve last posted, I’ve taken a few trips! In October I went to Colorado for a few days. The weather was absolutely amazing. I was able to take a quick hike from my parents’ house to the Roaring Fork river. It was about to storm, but before the weather turned, I was able to take in the incredible views of the river and Rio grande trail.

Later in October, Alex’s parents decided to visit from Miami. They hadn’t been to California for a while, so we went on a tour all the way from Long Beach to Calabasas up the PCH and through Topanga canyon. It was a little cramped since Alex and I were stuffed in the back seat of a Mustang convertible, but the views of the beach and cities were so awesome! We caught the sunset in Malibu, and it was so beautiful. We even took a trip up to the Observatory, and discovered a little cliff where the panorama of the city was so stunning. (Especially with the sunset.)

The next month in November, I took a weeklong trip to New York City and Boston. I was able to reconnect with old friends, and even got the chance to meet with my brother in NYC. It was such a nice trip, and it was during the fall, so the colors of the leaves were beautiful. Especially around Commonwealth Avenue and Beacon Street where the historic charm of the buildings and the fall colors blend together perfectly. It’s such a nice time to walk around Back Bay and by the Charles. On my way back,  I flew to San Francisco in order to connect to Los Angeles, and the view flying down parallel to the coast was incredible! I was able to take a great aerial shot of San Francisco. (Hoping to take a trip there in the near future!)

Later in November, my dad came to visit from Aspen. With him, Alex and I went to Santa Barbara. I hadn’t been in such a long time, and I Absolutely fell in love! We went to this incredible vegan restaurant. Some vegan food can be kind of gross, but this was so good. The dishes were colorful, tasty, and beautifully presented. After lunch, we went down to the beach, on a path called “1000 step path.” We counted, there weren’t that many steps, but the beach was so beautiful. It was around 5pm and the sun was beginning to set. We skipped rocks and played with anemones.

Most recently, I went back home to Colorado for a few days with a friend. We went up the mountain while it snowed heavily. I kind of forgot how serene and thought provoking winter can be. I stood at about 11,000 feet above snow level, the day was cloudy and the snowflakes were large and puffy. I stood at the edge of the mountain, I could barely see in front of me. The pine trees stood still as snow gathered on their branches, and even though there was a bustle of skiers and the gondola was nearby, it was so peaceful, and wonderful. It was also during Winterskol! A local celebration of winter. The weekend was packed full of fun events, including a snow sculpting contest and fireworks. I have a secret spot to view the fireworks. You’re literally underneath the fireworks. (In fact, one year I was so close to them I had to move so I wouldn’t get hit by debris.)

Finally, to yesterday. Yesterday Alex and I decided to take a quick trip to Venice Beach. We took the expo line all the way down from DTLA, and brought our bikes with us. We took the bike bath from Santa Monica, and it was amazing. The day was so beautiful, the beach was inviting, and then we hit Venice. I had never really explored Venice before, but I absolutely fell in love. The environment is so exotic and unique. I hope that I will make time to visit there more often and get to know it.

I appreciate places like Santa Barbara, Venice, and Aspen because you can walk around these cute towns and really experience it. You don’t need a car and you don’t need a plan. This is something that has been hard for me to adjust to while living in central L.A. I find it harder to be spontaneous because I feel like I need to know where I’m going. But recently I went out with a friend, and realized that there is so much around me to explore. So I hope with my newfound appreciation for where I live, I will be able to discover places and areas that I love.

January doesn’t hold many other adventures for me. I plan to go to Las Vegas to go to a design expo which will be cool. I haven’t figured anything out for February, in March there is a chance that I’ll go to Miami, April I have an exciting European adventure planned, and from there I have no idea!

Stay tuned!


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